Two Writers Retreat to a Cabin in the Woods

Moonrise over Lake Anna.

Moonrise over Lake Anna.

Last weekend, I joined Elle Cosimano on what’s becoming our quarterly writing retreat. We rented a cabin in the woods. We arrived at our lakefront retreat on Friday night. The weather was perfect for writing…cold and rainy.

It might seem crazy that I chose to leave my small town to go to a cabin in the woods. After all, I live in a house. In the woods. But I also live with a husband, two children and two very noisy dogs.

There’s something incredibly invigorating about going on a retreat with another writer. First, there’s no internet on my computer to tempt me to play around. Second, with another writer in the room focused on working, the energy feeds on itself. We averaged averaged twelve-hour writing days while we were there.

So how did I do this weekend? Well, on Friday night, I barely had 9k words written in my WIP. I left Monday morning with just over 24K. Not a bad weekend at all. 🙂 I added more than fourteen thousand words.

Writers Retreat Feb 13 Lake Anna Eagle Morning1

A Bald Eagle greeted us early in the morning.

Best of all, the words are flowing now. Already today, I’ve written over a thousand words. And that’s been between taking the dog to the vet, doing the laundry, and handling a variety of small issues that have cropped up in my multiple volunteer positions.

Am I going to get in seven thousand words before bed tonight like I did on Saturday? Maybe not. But I’m moving steadily along.

So tell me, what’s your best word count?

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