Two Writers, A Cabin in the Woods and Friday the 13th

Sounds like the makings of a Stephen King story, doesn’t it?

You can almost hear an overly dramatic movie announcer saying, “Two women rent a sixty-year old cabin in the woods in the middle of winter. No phone. No internet. No contact with the outside world for two days. But they planned their retreat for Friday the 13th!”

Well, as cool as it might have been to have Stephen King show up on doorstep, the scariest things we encountered the entire weekend were found within the pages of our manuscripts.

It was a fabulous weekend. The cabin was warm and cozy. It had a fireplace in the living room, 🙂 two bedrooms, a full kitchen, and of course, a bathroom with indoor plumbing! (Because being out of cell range was about rough as I was willing to go!) 🙂

Except for ducking out to see my son play in his first basketball game, we stayed inside and wrote. It was the most productive weekend I’ve had since Thanksgiving.

While my friend worked on something fresh and managed to get down close to nine thousand words, I polished my manuscript. By the time we left on Sunday afternoon, I’d polished through page 164. Two pages past my goal! Woot!

Writing retreats rock, Friday the 13th be damned! 🙂

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4 Responses to Two Writers, A Cabin in the Woods and Friday the 13th

  1. Jaye Garland says:

    Ah-ha! I found my way into the sacred sanctum. LOL! (that means, I remembered my password. )

    I love the concept of getting away on writer’s retreats. I’ve done that a few times, with a couple different groups, and it’s been awesome every time. There’s much to be said for the bonding that goes on in between the writing sessions. So glad you could steal a little time for yourself. You deserve it!

  2. YAY!!! Had such a great time and still so relieved and happy about our progress. Let’s do it again in February.

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