The Holidays Are Upon Us

It’s everywhere. The shopping malls, the grocery stores, heck…even the gas stations! The holidays are here with a capital H-E-R-E.

Normally, I love this time of year. Christmas has always been my favorite. A time of hope, renewal, faith in the human spirit, charity and love. But this year, it’s different. For the first time in as long as I can remember, my sister isn’t here.

It struck me at Thanksgiving. While we haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving together in years, we always talked. Always watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and chatted on the phone. The miles never seemed to matter. When we’d get together for our annual family Christmas celebration, we’d watch White Christmas.

The Trio at Christmas

Our mom used to love to hear us sing, “Sisters.” I, of course, was “Judy” the younger and albeit wilder sister. ๐Ÿ™‚ We could even do the dance (without the big feathery fans). And we’d always end laughing.

With each Christmas carol that plays or holiday special on the television, I’m reminded more and more that Donna isn’t here anymore. She was more than family. More than a best friend. She was part of a trio of friends who went to college together, laughed together, tormented each other, were there for each other. Nothing was real until it was shared with them.

But Christmas…Donna somehow made it more vibrant.

So this year, as I have every year for as long as I want to remember, I shopped for a Christmas ornament for Donna. The other day, I found the perfect one while perusing the holiday aisle searching for gifts for other family members.

I bought the treasure. This year, it’ll go on my tree. A physical reminder that she’ll always be in my life. Not that I need one…but then again, maybe I do.

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  1. selenafulton says:

    I too, am missing someone special. But we have those precious memories to hold and keep and share. Thank you for sharing this. Love ya, Mary.

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