Thanks & a Giveaway

Thank you, Readers!

My readers have been so supportive since I took ill last October. While I won’t have a book coming out this year, I wanted to do something to say thanks! Cookies don’t travel well–at least not according to my local post office. So I wracked my brain to come up with something to give away that might be fun and appreciated.

I will be giving away signed copies of ALL THREE OF THE TIDEWATER NOVELS to one lucky reader!

Already read them? No problem! Enter the contest and give them to a friend (or two or three). They make great gifts!

PLUS! There will be a handmade glass tile pendant included of your choice of book covers.

The contest runs May 24-31, 2016.

To enter click:

Tidewater Novels Awards

I’m off to work on a new book.

Imagine you could predict a murder. It comes to you in dreams, but there are three problems: 1. you’re not sure when the victim will die, 2. you’re not certain who is, and three 3. you only know it’s someone you’ve met. Mitch McKinnon dreads sleeping every night for just those reasons. His biggest fear is that the next victim who haunts his dreams will be the one woman he cannot live without. ~The Griffin Murders (working title)

As always, happy reading!

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6 Responses to Thanks & a Giveaway

  1. Layra says:

    I’d lean towards psychics being paranormal or other.

    • Mary Behre says:

      Hi Layra! I like your term “other.” That can imply so many things. Not to mention it adds an air of spookiness to the psychic ability. 🙂

  2. Sharmine says:

    I suppose psychics would fall under a paranormal classification but when I think of it, I always thought of it as a person, or people, who have extra, extended or enhanced senses 🙂

  3. Consider psychics under the paranormal blanket. Am new to your books, looking forward to reading.

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