Summer NaNo Is Here: or I Must Be Nuts

This year, Camp NaNo happens twice. The first time was in April. The second, begins today, July 1st. Since my goal is to stay ahead of the writing game, I decided to do Camp NaNo again.

So, here’s a quick rundown of my life in the month of July. My husband and older child both have milestone birthdays. (Okay, in my opinion, every birthday is a milestone, but to them the digits matter.) I’m revising GUARDED (working title). I’ll be joining about two thousand other women in Atlanta in two weeks for RWA National Conference. My family and I are going on a short vacation immediately following the end of the conference. AND…I’m starting a new manuscript.

Yep. I must be nuts.

What’s on your agenda this month? Are you doing NaNo too? Going to Atlanta? Planning to join me in the padded cell on August 1st after I’ve surely lost my mind?

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