So Much is Happening…

Reviews are coming in for SPIRITED and they’re pretty great! Plus, so much is happening over the next few weeks. I’m gearing up for a book tour, blog tours, and wisdom teeth extraction. Okay, that last part isn’t so great, but the rest are fabulous.

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The latest edition lists my SPIRITED book and blog tours for March-May. OMGosh! My book will be in bookstores in TWO weeks!

In the newsletter, there are opportunities to win prizes by attending book signings, blog events, and even by email. So sign up for my newsletter and tell a friend to sign up too! The more the Mary-ier…er, merrier!

Oh, one last detail…

For all my Fredericksburg peeps, I just agreed to do a book signing at GRIFFIN BOOKSHOP and COFFEE BAR on April 27th! So if you can’t make the book launch party in March, come see me in April.

As for the rest of the details…check out the newsletter.

Thanks for joining me on this amazing ride to publication!

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2 Responses to So Much is Happening…

  1. Sherry Moore says:

    Having read everything on the shelves by my favorite paranormal authors, and desperate for a good, fast paced, paranormal adventure, I took a chance on Mary Behre’s book: Spirited. For me this took a real leap of faith, as my free time is limited and I am very selective about what I read.

    While the print was tiny and the details woven into the plot excessive, in some place for my mental palate, I decided to stay the course and give this story a fair effort. There was much to enjoy!

    I enjoyed the story line as the primary and secondary characters unfolded. Each has tremendous potential. I look forward to Jonas’ story, the reunion of the sisters, and the promise of exciting stories to come as we discover which gifts, or crifts, will emerge with future Tidewater characters.

    With anticipation,
    A new fan!

    • Mary says:

      Hi Sherry,

      Thank you for reading and commenting! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. Jones’s story comes out August 5th and is titled, GUARDED.

      Have a fantastic day!

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