RT Book Reviews–Forewards Mention!

Oh my gosh! Friend and fellow writer, Pamala Knight sent me a note and now I’m squealing with delight.

I received a mention in RT Book Reviews, the Forewards – The Books Before the Buzz on May 7, 2013! Check out the link to read all about it. Scroll down to EXCITING DEBUT AUTHOR to find the buzz on my book.

A couple of updates…first, PRECIOUS JEWELS is a working title. It’s going to be changed. I can assure you, RT Reviews wasn’t the first to mention the unintended double entendre. 🙂 Second, as of right now, the art department is working on a cover. I haven’t seen it yet, but Berkley’s art department is brilliant. Finally, the book is currently slated for release sometime in April 2014.

Thanks Pamala for the head’s up!

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  1. selenafulton says:

    What a fantastic opportunity for you, Mary!

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