NaNoWriMo and Revising The Manuscript

It’s November. A month full of turkeys, post-Halloween sales, pre-Christmas sales, and of course, the NaNoWriMo.

Yesterday was the grand kick-off celebration. This year I have loads of buddies. Okay, so most of them are my LaLaLa sisters, but there’s something invigorating about writing and knowing someone is in waiting in the virtual wings to cheer me on. Best of all, I get to cheer them on too. 🙂

Now I obviously did not start my story today. I mean, I type fast, but there’s now way I could have done 50K words today. Instead, I’m working on a manuscript that I started in the June NaNo. This time, I’m delving deeper, getting feedback as I go along and adding in layers. Needless to say, while I could churn out 50K the first time, revising takes a bit more time to finesse. 😉

So, I won’t “win” the NaNo and earn another badge like the one in the right hand column, but I plan to win by my definition. As my CP put it, I’m “writing the hell out of my manuscript.” And by doing that, I’ll win.

What about you? Are you participating in NaNo? What are you writing?

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