My Little Man is Still a Boy

A few weeks ago, The Captain (my seven year-old son) came home very upset. He’d heard a rumor in his second grade class that the Cookie Monster was now *gasp* The Veggie Monster!

The Captain was noticeably distraught over the idea that the furry, blue, googly-eyed, Muppet had changed. So much so, that he insisted I send a note to Sesame Street demanding they, “Return him to normal!”

Instead, I did quick internet search–thank heavens for I was able to show my son that the rumor had been around since he was a toddler. Relieved but still a bit suspicious, he went off to have an afternoon snack.

Since then, I’ve caught him surreptitiously checking out Sesame Street to make sure the monster was still on the cookie side of things. 🙂 While he claimed he was “too old for baby shows” he definitely didn’t like the idea of his hero changing.

This morning, PBS ran an episode of Sesame Street featuring Mario Lopez as a reporter claiming that Cookie Monster had in fact become Veggie Monster. While it was a re-run from September, it was the first time I’d seen it.

I told The Captain it was coming on at 7am. He rushed through his morning chores, so he could plant himself in front of the television the moment the episode began. He didn’t move until the segment ended. When he finally turned me, the grin on his face was as wide as the blue monster’s.

“Happy?” I asked.

“Oh yeah! The Cookie Monster is still The Cookie Monster.” And with that, he hopped off the seat, turned off the television, singing, “Me Am What Me Am.”

The Captain might have the vocabulary and reading level of a fifth grader, he’s still a little boy at heart. Thank you, Sesame Street! 🙂

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