Lazy Sunday After Fabulous Book Signing Saturday

Yesterday, I joined Cat Johnson, Addison Fox, Erika Robuck, Tracy Anne Warren, and Nora Roberts at Turn The Page Bookstore for a group book signing. It was AWESOME! Look, here’s a picture of all us. Can you spot little ole me?

Turn The Page Booksigning Mar 22 2014

Such an amazing experience. The folks who run the bookstore are so wonderful. Janeen, the store manager is the queen of organized and so friendly. She and her staff made the four-hour event go smoothly. All the fans, from the first one in line to the last, were excited to be there.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. I was stoked to be part of the signing, I didn’t really give thought to how many books I’d sell. Especially since I was the only debut author in the group. But SPIRITED remained the little book that could because it sold out!

My favorite part had to be when someone walked up and asked, “When is GUARDED coming out? I just finished SPIRITED and loved it.” Yep, I’ll be glowing over that for a long time. 🙂

So what glorious thing is on my agenda for today? Nap for a bit then I’m going to read Nora’s latest novel. And yes, I had her autograph it for me. 😀

For tomorrow, I write.

What’s on your schedule?


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