Kindness of Children

For the past few weeks my husband has been on an extended business trip. My boys, ages 7 and 9, took it upon themselves to make me a special dinner tonight to show me how much they love me.

They went so far as to refuse any help from me. In fact, they barred me from the kitchen all together. This of course meant, I had to implement certain restrictions, no cooking, no electric appliances and no sharp knives could be used.

My rules put a crimp in their plans. For more than twenty minutes they went back and forth discussing menu options and ultimately discarding most of them. After awhile, I became convinced I would soon be enjoying the delicacy that is cold cereal and milk. Then the cry went up…

“Mom! We need you!”

I hurried to the kitchen to find a gala apple impaled on my nut chopper. One child threw his body between me and the recipe book, the other shielded the dinner from my sight while both tried to explain how the apple came to be stuck. And it wasn’t just stuck, I had to cut it off the nut chopper. 🙂

Once I had rescued the apple, I was once again banned from the kitchen. Finally, after another fifteen minutes, the boys parade (there’s no other word for it) into my room singing, “Under the Sea” and sporting paper hats decorated in crayon-drawn fish.

They handed me the bowl and asked me if I could see their masterpiece. It took a moment, then it struck me. Can you see it?

It’s a fish!

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