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2011 Where the Magic Begins Winners

 Romance Writers Ink congratulates the 2011 Where the Magic Begins Winners

HISTORICAL 1st Place – Lady Catherine’s Secret by Sheridan Edmondson 2nd Place – The Madonna of Pisano by MaryAnn Diorio 3rd Place – Wherever You Roam by Kimberly Keys

ROMANTIC SUSPENSE 1st Place – Don’t Look by Susanne Frost 2nd Place – Deception by Jennifer Beane 3rd Place – Legally Mastered by Sarah Castille

DARK PARANORMAL 1st Place – The Hunt for Home by Lorenda Christensen ** 2nd Place – Silk by Louise Cusack 3rd Place – Dark Bringer by Brenda Nelson-Davis

LIGHT PARANORMAL 1st Place – Precious Jewels by Mary Behre (Full Requested) 2nd Place – Medusa, A Love Story by Sasha Summers 3rd Place – Tears of the Sun by Jackie Kramer **

SENSUAL SERIES 1st Place – The Last Refuge by Kathy Hix ** (Full Requested) 2nd Place – The Slipper Fits by Sandra Wagner ** 3rd Place – Sex, Lies and Apple Pie by Lynn Somerville **

SINGLE TITLE 1st Place – Captivating Ella by Jennie Jones 2nd Place – Balancing Act by Pamela Gibson 3rd Place – A Little Bit Crazy by Faye Hughes

SWEET SERIES 1st Place – Love in Bitterroot Valley by Jessica Keller (Full Requested) 2nd Place – Built to Last by Sherri G. Early 3rd Place – Dragonfly by Susan Shay

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