Hums Tune from Jeopardy

Is that show even still on? I remember that tune from my childhood and it plays through my head whenever I’m waiting for something. Like now.

I’d hoped to have the new title to my book plastered on my page by now.

But…I don’t. So here’s a picture of newly hatched turtle on a lily pad for your viewing pleasure.

Tiny Turtle bw

My amazing and brilliant editor wants to keep to looking until we find the perfect title to the book formerly known as PRECIOUS JEWELS. Personally, I love that fact that she’s so invested she won’t settle for a one that’s just good, she wants the title to be great. And let’s face it, the book title and cover impact the consumers impulse to buy.

Hey, marketing works. Just this morning, I pre-ordered COW APOCALYPSE based on the title, cover and blurb. (What’s not love about marauding zombie cows rampaging across Scotland?) Now, that’s an original idea that I would have loved to seen in one of the contests I’ve judged over the years.

Which brings me to one of my favorite topics…writing contests.

About a year ago, I was dinged by a contest judge who didn’t like my title PRECIOUS JEWELS. She actually told me to consider revising it to something sexier and more appropriate to the paranormal genre. And she was completely right.

Once again proving that RWA writing contests are worth every penny. Judges look for what works in a story and what doesn’t. Yes, their comments can sometimes be harsh, but hey, have you read some reviews on Amazon? *shivers* But not all judges comments are tough. Sometimes, a judge falls in love with a contest entry and becomes a fan. It’s how I found books by the incredibly talented Shana Abe. (And yes, I’m totally her fan girl.)

I hear there are a number of writing contests out there right now, accepting entries. Check out Stephie Smith’s Contest Chart for more information. Then, take a chance.

When the feedback comes in, read it with an open mind. Look for the nuggets of truth. You know you’ve found them if they’re kindly worded and still tick you off.

That’s enough from me this week. Back to my writing cave. 😉

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