Happy Labor Day!

Do you  know the origins of Labor Day? Many Americans associate picnics, cookouts and end of the summer parties with Labor Day. But few young people today know where it came from.

When my six-year-old asked, I decided to make a lesson for all of us. But given the attention span of the average little boy, I used the computer as a resource. It seemed the perfect thing to do. My boys have been able to surf the net since before they could read.

I told them they were going to have a brief lesson but all they saw, was they were going to get to play on the computer with mom. They eagerly arranged themselves around the computer and watched as I searched for something that would be informative, yet brief enough to keep them focused.

A three-minute clip from the History Channel seemed perfect. Except, my eight-year-old needed to go the bathroom thirty seconds into it. We paused it. Then one couldn’t see the screen because the other stood in front of him. Finally, they were settled and I restarted the clip.

After a very informative 3 minutes and 31 seconds, I asked my bright children what Labor Day was all about.

Six-year-old: “Back to school celebrations.”

Eight-year-old: “No it’s not! It’s about marching for 8 hours for better pay. AND end of the summer  celebrations.”

Hmmm… I’ll try again next year.

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