Ferrets and Tigers and Zombies, Oh My!

I’m a child of the 80’s. As a teen I read books by Stephen King, watched movies with a guy who had a glove of knives and still managed to sleep soundly at night.

But last night I discovered a new level of hell. One that infiltrated my nightmares. (Something that Stephen achieved only once.) It’s called THE WALKING DEAD.

I know, I know. As usual, I’m a few years behind the times but last night my husband was watching episode two and I decided to join him. What a fool I was!

I thought, “I used to read Stephen King and Dean Koontz in bed. Heck, I write stories with dead bodies all the time. This is nothing.” My gritty eyes and aching head are testament to my stupidity.

See, not having made it through the first episode when the pilot ran–honestly, I was bored–I didn’t think this one would bother me. Besides, I didn’t understand why the zombies or “walkers” existed at all. My husband didn’t know either. So I thought I’d watch and find out.

Yeah…NO! The show was freaking scary. We’re talking heart pounding, fingers digging into the arms of my recliner terrifying. And I still don’t know why the walkers exist.

So my writer’s mind began to spin. It started out far-fetched. Did aliens, bent on world domination poison the water to eradicate the human race?

And soon became a bit more realistic. Was it some sort of new virus that combined with another to become an super-virus?

To the uber-terrifying… Was it some sort of biological warfare gone wrong? Needless to say, that last idea stuck with me long after the episode ended.

Long after.

We’re talking, nightmares all night long. The kind that wake you in a cold sweat every single hour! Today, I feel like I have a hangover. Yeah, a zombie one.

Some people fear snakes. Others fear spiders. Me…it’s zombies. Because those suckers, despite being dead are somehow able to smell living flesh. Which begs the question, if they’re dead how can they sniff at all? I mean breathing is indicative of life, so how do the dead smell anything?

And for those keeping score, yes, I’m trying to convince myself not to be scared of a television show that my husband is now hooked on. Then again, I have edits coming soon and I’m working on book two. So perhaps I needn’t worry about the zombies. Perhaps he can watch the entire series while I’m busily writing?

But for any of you who know, how do you defeat a zombie besides shooting it? Which makes no sense to me. If they’re dead, why does a bullet to the head work?

Ugh! All this talk of zombies is freaking me out all over again!

I’m off to go write about missing tigers, hidden ghosts and a ferret whisperer. 🙂

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