Camping, Writing and NaNo

This is the final week of Camp NaNoWriMo. My virtual cabin was so full that my group decided to start our own chat group elsewhere. It worked! By the end of the second week two of us had written more than 30K. Another two had written over 20K. We had one member of our team write 9K in a single weekend.

The experience was wonderful, challenging and very rewarding. My dragon story gave me a chance to play around with the fantasy romance that had in been in my head for ages. I discovered that I can push myself to write a rough draft with a lot of potential in a short period of time, while still being an attentive mom to two very active little boys.

Best of all, I learned that if I write fast enough, I can outpace the evil internal editor that haunts most writers.

So, it’s June 25th. I have blue ribbon on my website, the Outer Banks of North Carolina at my toes and I’m going into my vacation with a smile on my face! Thanks Camp LaLaLa & NaNo!

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  1. I love your NaNo badge! Woot!

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